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Good. Bad.

I'm the one with the gun.

Currently residing in Washington. I'm working with cell phones, I'm missing school, and I still want decent sushi.

I've been feeling wacky and out of touch, maybe even a mite anti-social. I think I'm up to dealing with people again. Yay. Be advised, any head explodie that occurs because of close contact with my lj I still take no responsibility for.

I'm a fic whore. I may not review a lot, but I do pimp my little heart out.

Current short term goal: Spend everything I have on dolls then...
Current long time goal: Save enough to go to Yaoi Con '06.

Gaanaru is that special kind of adolesent/homicidal/demon love! :3

Greg Sanders is Hot Lab Rat Love

Have I mentioned recently that I go to work at 3:30AM? Well, I do. ...Yeah, sometimes it sucks ass.